We get ready for a night out with Gabriella Wilde


We get ready for a night out with Gabriella Wilde


As predictions go, this one seems a pretty safe bet: by this time next year, Gabriella Wilde – promising actress and descendent of the aristocratic Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (a surname that causes her no end of certain hassle at airport check-ins) – will be a household name. 

Having just starred in the remake of Carrie, out later this month and the Harvey Weinstein produced Endless Love, out in early 2014, a mere four years into acting, Gabriella is well positioned to be next in line to the Johansson/Lively/Portman throne. 

The house of Dior has cleverly noticed her star on the ascent, inviting her along as a special guest to the Esprit Dior, Miss Dior at the Grand Palais in Paris last night. We were invited along for the ride too - namely, to observe just how this British ex-model, who is (despite her model-esque figure and legs up to her shoulders) 7 months pregnant, assembles her show stopping – but never gauche – beauty look.

Perhaps the impending arrival is what’s behind her astonishingly perfect skin: in person, it’s utterly, completely poreless and the colour of a weekend in Provence (‘my Dad’s quite dark skinned, so I get it from him’), or perhaps it’s simply good fortune and genetics. 

Either way, it’s unlikely Gabriella spends a great deal of time thinking about it; she’s the most unstarry, softly-spoken but self-assured picture of charm, belies her 24 years. With so many young ingénues thrashing around in their underwear and engaging in Twitter wars, it’s refreshing to see a young woman who is in the ever-clearer focus of the public eye, acting like a grown-up.  

Not that she's on the hunt for celebrity anyway - she’s far to cool for that. ‘Fame is a slightly bizarre thing to me. Obviously it goes hand in hand with acting, but it’s something that’s kind of abstract. I don’t really register it.’ Still, it looks like fame might find you instead, Gabriella.

Click through the gallery above to join Gabriella in getting ready for Dior’s Miss Dior opening night.

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