Imagine having a facial inside an oxygen tank. Well this is it

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Every now and then, a beauty treatment comes along that sort of blows your mind - a facial or body massage that really goes beyond the call of duty. Something with that extra pizazz, a certain je ne sais quoi, one that stands out against its fellow mundane-in-comparison treatments. Like the Bliss musical massage, which is quite literally, all-singing, all-dancing. Or that whole fish pedicure thing that totally ruled the spa world a few years ago.

Well step up Cindy Crawford’s favourite skincare brand, Natura Bissé. Yes, the clever guys behind the cult Spanish skincare line have developed a serious, state-of-the-art treatment bubble. This isn’t any old ball though; this is a very sacred bubble that contains 99.995% purified air for you to wallow in and be massaged to your heart’s content in. So city-goers rejoice – a way to escape the carbon-monoxide and Routemaster bus fumes for a short while. 

Within the holier-than-thou bubble there will be a range of treatments on offer. Like the appropriately named Oxygen Facial, which works to deeply purify and hydrate skin as well as removing any impurities that have built up. Lucky old face. Or the Deep Tissue Massage which is about as heavenly and stress-relieving as you can get. Or there’s the  Modern Man ritual, for any men that might be reading. A god-send for those poor rugged faces that are suffering from shaving rash or other such matcho things, it’s quite the ticket for a boyfriend or lover. Or father, since Father’s Day is tomorrow.

And word on the street is that you can’t overdose on the purer than pure air, so multiple treatment bookings here we come…

Call One Aldwych today on 020 7300 0600 to book your Natura Bissé Bubble appointment. Appointments between Monday 24th and Sunday 30th June, 10am – 8pm. Bubble is complimentary with every 60 or 90 minute treatment. From £90.

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