Who is going to play Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Amanda Seyfried

Some of Hollywood’s best and most well-known actresses have been mooted as casting possibilities for the upcoming Hillary Rodham Clinton biopic.

Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Amanda Seyfried have all had their names connected to Rodham, a film that will focus on the former First Lady’s years as a right-on Washington lawyer in the 1970s, according to The Independent.

Production is expected to get underway soon with the film aiming for a release some time  around the next presidential election campaign, an election Clinton is expected to contest.

When the script was leaked last year, it attracted attention due to sex scenes but the writer, Young il-Kim, told The Daily Telegraph: ‘I didn't write 50 Shades of Rodham, as some news outlets are suggesting. I am a boring prude with little imagination.’

When asked if the film would include sex scenes, he said, ‘It's an evolving process so I don't know. She was an attractive 26-year-old with an amazing future. And that's our thematic focus.’

As far as casting goes, the most interesting and surprising choice would be Amanda Seyfried. Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon have both proven they can play determined, ambitious women (Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty, Witherspoon in the comedies Election and Legally Blonde) but Seyfried is closer in age to the 26-year-old Rodham the film wants to focus on and we’ve always got the impression that there’s a steeliness behind her massive blue eyes. Plus, once you think about it, she actually looks really, really like Hillary Clinton. Seyfried for President, we say.   


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